Pinto Beans Curry - Indian Style

          I love Pinto Beans !!!!Pinto beans is famously used in Refried Beans in Mexico. This beans is widely consumed in Mexico and US. This recipe has been modified to suit South Indian taste buds. This dish is really flavourful when you serve it with rice. It's cheap source of complete protein. So you can prepare this Healthy food with less time.Great side dish for rasam rice.


        1 Cup or 1 Can of Boiled Pinto Beans
        2 Red Chillies
        2 Tsp of Cumin
        1/4 Cup of Coconut
        2 Tbsp of Oil
        Salt as needed


  Basic Information 

      Prep Time : 5 mins
      Cook Time: 10-12 mins
      Serves : 2 People

 Health Benefits of Pinto Beans