Matta Rice Flakes Upma / Sivappu Arisi Aval Upma

             Matta rice is an indigenous rice grown in palakad district of Kerala. Matta rice flakes are typically used in Kerala cuisine. Healthy alternative to white rice flakes, having a high nutritional contents. This is a healthy breakfast recipe for kids and adults.


         1 Cup of Matta Rice Flakes
         1/2 Cup of Finely Chopped Onion
         2 Tbsp of Grated Coconut
         Few Curry Leaves
         2 Red Chillies or Green Chillies
         2 Tbsp of Roasted Peanuts
         Pinch of Asafoetida
         1 Tsp of Mustard
         1 Tsp of Urad Dal
         Oil and salt as needed



    Health Benefits of Matta Rice Flakes

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