Cantaloupe / Musk Melon Juice

           Cantaloupes can have a light yellow-orange color or a deeper salmon hue. Known for its low calorie content and sweet and enticing aroma, cantaloupes are the most popular kind of melons in the US. Cantaloupes are usually best during the summer months Many people eat cantaloupe because of its juicy, tasty flavor. Some people even use it as an appetizer and as an ingredient for desserts and salads.


         1/2 Musk Melon/ Cantaloupe
         1 Tbsp of Lemon Juice
         1/2 Cup of Water or Milk
         A Pinch of Salt
         1-2 Tbsp of Sugar
         Ice Cubes or Ice water


   Health Benefits of Musk Melon/ Cantaloupe

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