Bajra Dosa / Kambu Dosa / Pearl Millet Dosa - Dosa Recipes

                Bajra or Kambu is a pearl millet widely grown in India which is high in nutritional contents. Bajra/Millet are rich in protein, iron and vitamin B. There are two methods to make bajra dosa, one is by soaking whole bajra seeds, rice and urad dal to make bajra dosa batter. Other method is by combining bajra flour and dosa batter flour. I don't get whole bajra seeds in my place. All I get is bajra flour so I have some left over dosa batter at home, so I added bajra flour to make a healthy and nutritional dosa. Here is a recipe and enjoy :-)


            1 Cup of Bajra Flour         
            2 and 1/4 Cups of Dosa Batter
            Salt to taste
            Oil and water as needed
            1 Medium Size Onion, Finely grated


    Health Benefits of Bajra

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