Baby Potato Roast / Urulaikilangu Varuval - Side Dish for Sambar Rice

      This is very common and classic south Indian dish. Everyone loves potato. But Baby potatoes/Chiina Urulai are my fav, whenever I hit the grocery store, it always tempt me to buy. It is very easy to make dish, with no temperings. First you have to boil the potatoes, peel it, mix it with aromatic Spice powder, yogurt and garlic, finally in cast iron pan, slowly roast it in oil. Slow roasting the potatoes, always gives a nice crispy texture on outside and soft and tasty on inside. Adding spice powder and garlic gives a nice flavor to the potato. It goes well with sambhar rice / rasam rice / curd rice.


          12 Baby Potatoes
          2 Tbsp of Thick Curd
          2 Tsp of Sambhar Powder
          1/2 Tsp of Garam Masala
          1 Garlic Clove, Minced
          Salt to Taste
          2 Tbsp of Gingelly Oil (Indian Sesame Oil) / Vegetable Oil



    Health Benefits of  Potato

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