Best Antioxidant Drink / Blueberry Pomegranate Cooler

                 Anti-oxidants are specialized plant nutrients (photochemicals). These nutrients proven to support human health and wellness and prevent a myriads of diseases. They work by combating the natural process of oxidation in the body that creates free radicals. Free radicals attacks the cells , thereby increases the risk of serious diseases like cancer. With a diet rich in antioxidants, you can reduce the risk of diseases.
Coming to the recipe, here I have used three magical super fruits, blueberries, pomegranate and grapes. I blended together the sweet, juicy blueberries and ripe pomegranate and delicious grapes. This juice is really so beautiful to look, great in taste and simply superb. So start you day with this filling and healthy drink and get your daily dose of all vitamins and antioxidants. Here I am sharing you some pictures which I took during my recent trip to blueberry farm and vineyard.

Blueberry Plant
Unripe Grapes


                3/4 Cup of Pomegranate Seeds

                1/2 Cup of Red Grapes
                1/2 Cup of Blueberries
                4 Tbsp of Sugar or to Taste
                1/2 Cup of Water
                Ice Cubes as Needed



      Health Benefits of  Blueberry, pomegranate and grapes

      Blueberry : High in anti-oxidants, reducing belly fat, good for digestion, heart and brain.

      Pomegranate : High in anti-oxidants, Good for heart, lowers the blood pressure and stroke, prevents prostate cancer, kills harmful bacteria.

      Grapes : High in anti-oxidants, good for heart, brain and skin, weight loss, fight against diabetes.


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