Oats Dosa / Instant Dosa Recipe / Indian Breakfast Recipe

      Oats dosa is one of my favorite breakfast dish, as it is so crispy, tasty and healthy. In this dosa preparation, roast the oats and sooji, mix all the ingredients in a bowl along with enough water and make a dosa. Here you don't need anything to soak, grind or ferment the rice and dal to make dosa. This instant dosa can be made in a jiffy.This post was in my draft for a long time and here it comes the crispy, healthy oats recipe.


            3/4 Cup of Oats

            1/2 Cup of Rice Flour
            1/4 Cup of Rava (Sooji)
            1/4 Cup of Maida
            1 Tsp of Whole Black Pepper
            1 Tsp of Whole Cumin
            1/3 Cup of Red Onion, Finely Chopped
            2 Green Chillies, Finely Chopped
            10 Curry Leaves
            Salt to Taste
            3 Cup of Water


    Health Benefits of Oats

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