Dosa is a savory crepe and it's getting popular throughout the world because of its taste and crispy texture. This is my own recipe. After seeing some leftover bread in my pantry, I tried it by mixing some flours with bread powder and the outcome of dosa tastes really awesome. This instant uthappam does not needs any fermentation and very quick to make dish. All you need is leftover bread to make this dosa and some flours and spices. Here I have used rava, maida and rice flour which gives crispy texture to the dosa. Addition of curd not only gives a mild tangy taste but also gives softness. For topping, I added some veggies to make the dosa more colorful, tasty and healthier. Try this instant leftover bread dosa with tomato ketchup and stay healthy.


          2 Whole Wheat Bread, makes 1 Cup of Bread Powder
          1/4 Cup of Rava(Semolina)
          3 Tbsp of Rice Flour
          2 Tbsp of Maida(All Purpose Flour)
          2 Tbsp of Thick Curd(Yogurt)
          1 Carrot, Grated
          2 Green Chillies, Chopped
          1 Spring Onion, Chopped
          1 Big Red Onion, Finely Chopped
          1 Tsp of Whole Cumin
          1 Tsp of Whole Black Pepper
          1 Inch Ginger, Grated
          Few Curry Leaves, Chopped
          3/4 Cup of Water
          Salt to taste

    Servings : 3 Uthappam


    Health Benefits of Whole Wheat

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