Basundi Recipe | How To Make Basundi | Indian Dessert

  Basundi (Sweetened Milk)is an Indian dessert popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is a calorie rich, scrumptious dessert prepared by simmering the milk for a long time until it reduced to half of its volume, finally flavored with saffron, almonds and pistachios. This is one of my top favorite sweet. I used to eat a lot in my college days as my father used to get me basundi every week from Agarwal sweets. My husband has not tasted it before so I made this easy and tasty sweet for diwali. Addition of almonds and pistachios adds a nice crunch to this creamy dessert. Saffron imparts color and flavor to the dish. When you make basundi , always scrap the sides of vessel while cooking, as that will make the basundi thick and imparts creamy texture. It is served as a dessert or sweet accompaniment in lunch or during any Indian festivals like diwali. Also it tastes great with gulab jamun or hot malpuas. 


             3 Cups of Milk (2 % or Full Fat)
             3-4 Tbsp of White Sugar
             20 Saffron Strands
             10 Almonds, Chopped
             10 Cashews, Chopped
             10 Pistachios, Chopped
             Pinch Of Nutmeg Powder
             3 Cardamom, Powdered
             1 Tsp of Ghee (Melted Butter), Optional

    To Garnish

             Almonds and Pistachios



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