Vegetarian Taco Salad

Yummy Vegetarian Taco Salad

               Taco salad is a Americanized Mexican food with a awesome snack appeal and can be had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Its a healthy and tasty snack filled with tons of fiber and fresh veggies we all need. Its one of my favorite snack and is really very easy and fast to fix.


           1 Cup or 1 Can of Boiled Refried Beans
           2-3 Tbsp of Sharp Cheddar cheese
           Bowl of corn chips
           1 Big chopped Onion
           1 Tbsp of Pickled Jalapenos
           2 Tbsp of Taco Sauce
           1 Big Chopped Tomato
           1 Serrano Chilly or Green Chilly
           Handful of Cilantro/ Coriander Leaves, 
           1 Tbsp of Lemon Juice
           A Dash of Salt

Boiled Pinto Beans
A Pan with Oil and Pintobean Paste

  Make Frijoles refritos (Refried Beans)

 Make pico de gallo ( mexican salsa )

Mexican Salsa
         To a big bowl add one cup finely chopped onions, handful of chopped tomotoes, one jalapeno or serrano or any green chili ( chopped finely), finely chopped cilantro leaves, table spoon of lemon juice and a good dash of sea salt.


Asssembling the Taco Salad in Bowl

      To a big microwable plate make a

        I was out of guacamole , sour cream and lettuce and hence did not add them ..But it still satisfied my taste buds crying for some freshn tasty snack ...

Taco Salad

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