Vegetarian Black Bean Chili Recipe | Easy Bean Chili Recipe

                 Yesterday I have posted the recipe for cornbread, which is a best accompaniment for vegetarian bean chili recipe. This is very simple and protein packed dish which can be made so quickly with canned beans. If you want to make chili recipe with dried beans, that's a long and time consuming process in stove top or if you want to make in pressure cooker then it would be easy. But this chili version is easy, healthy and vegetarian. Here in this recipe, onion, garlic, tofu and beans are cooked with spice mix, later it was simmered for few mins to blend the flavors. Finally top it with sour cream or cheese and green onion. Serve it with hot jalapeno cheddar corn bread or tortilla chips. You can have this chili and corn bread for lunch or perfect for cold winter dinner.

     Preparation Time : 10 mins
     Cooking Time : 15 mins
     Makes : 2 Servings


                   1 Can(15 Oz) of Black Beans
                   2 Tsp of Olive Oil
                   8 oz of Tofu, Finely Chopped
                   1/2 Cup of Onion, Chopped
                   2 Garlic Cloves
                   2 Tsp of Chili Seasoning Mix, I used McCormick
                   1 Tomato, Chopped
                   Black Pepper and Salt to taste 
                   1/2 Cup of Water
     To Garnish

                    1 Tbsp of Sharp Cheddar Cheese
                    1 Green Onion, Chopped



    Health Benefits of Black Bean

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