Butter Garlic Cilantro Naan / Naan recipe Without Yeast


                 Naan is a most popular Indian bread and it is loved by everyone across the globe. Originally, nan was a general term for various flatbreads from different parts of the world. The name originates from (new) Persian, itself from Sanskrit nayan; being a generic word for bread. Naan can be made in different flavors like plain, garlic, cheese, cilantro, whatever you can think of. Once you know the making of basic naan, you can try out all the possibilities out there. In this recipe, I prepared naan without yeast and used stove top method. I really love the soft texture, taste and shape of the naan. Adapted this recipe from here. Naan goes well with any spicy curries like aloo gobi, aloo palak, navratan korma, paneer tikka masala or aloo mutter. I had it with dal makhani.



         2 cups of All Purpose Flour / Maida

         1/2 cup of Yogurt / Curd
         1/2 cup of Warm Milk
         1 tsp of Sugar
         1/2 tsp of Salt
         3/4 tsp of Baking Powder
         1/2 Tsp of Baking Soda
         3 Tbsp of Chopped Garlic
         3 Tbsp of Chopped Cilantro
         1 Tbsp of Canola / Vegetable Oil

    Yield : 9 Naans



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